Emotional Mastery Course

The Subtle Art of Not Being an Emotional Dipshit

It’s simple: master your emotions—take control of your life.

It’s simple: master your emotions—take control of your life.

Do you struggle with your emotions? Do you struggle to contain them or express them or even recognize them? 

Do your relationships turn into emotional dumpster fires fit for reality TV? Do you get sucked into drama and before you know it half your shit has been thrown out on the lawn? 

Does every stupid little thing seem to push your buttons? Your ex’s beach vacation on Instagram? What some politician said on CNN this morning? The fact that your coworker reheats fish in the microwave three times a week and leaves the whole office smelling like your grandma’s stank ass?

Are you triggered that I just referenced your grandmother’s stank ass? 

Then you may need to develop more emotional mastery… 

Emotional Problems Can’t Be Fixed With Logic and Reason—They Need Something Else…

Emotions drive us to do, well, everything. As much as we like to think that we’re rational human beings most of the time, that’s just not how our brains work. We are, first and foremost, emotional creatures.

Emotions are the driving force in every aspect of our lives: our relationships, our work, our health, our hopes, our fears, and our dreams. 

And so if we don’t have a handle on our own emotional shit, it does a lot of damage.

A lot of people try to “fix” these problems with logic and reason.

But these aren’t logical problems, so we can’t solve them with logic and reason.

Take work and productivity, for instance. It’s often approached in a very logical way—use this app, try this system, plan the next day the evening before, etc.

But productivity is deeply emotional. Choosing what work to focus on is an emotional problem. Distraction is an emotional problem. Even the most highly optimized productivity system can’t fix them. 

It’s the same with our physical health. Everyone knows that we should eat right and exercise regularly because, logically, it keeps us healthy. But we don’t do those things because we don’t feel like doing them

And this doesn’t even get into the shitstorm known as “romantic relationships.” 

We fall in love with people who are absolutely terrible for us. We get pissed off when they leave the cap off the toothpaste. We feel hurt when they check their phone instead of complimenting us on our new haircut. 

If none of this is making sense, that’s the point—it’s emotional

If you feel as though your life is out of control because your emotions are out of control, what do you do?

A New Approach to Managing Your Emotions

While emotional problems can’t be “fixed” with logic and reason, you can learn to navigate emotions in a healthy, more realistic way. 

You can motivate yourself a lot more easily if you identify emotional triggers that make you more productive vs. cause you to get distracted with three-hour YouTube rabbit holes.

You can live a healthier lifestyle if you tune into how you feel before overeating or skipping that workout. 

You can navigate your relationships better if you understand the emotional scripts you’ve learned from your past relationships—or even all the way back to your childhood.

You can make better life decisions if you know the emotional driving force behind your values.

You can influence and inspire others if you know the emotional driving force behind their values.

You can do all of this and more. 

You can take back control over your life.

Develop the Emotional Mastery So You Can Handle Your Own Shit

My Emotional Mastery Course is a deep dive into how to do just that. 

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • 3 toxic myths about emotions and how they’re making you more emotionally unaware.
  • How to stop under- or over-expressing your emotions (you’re probably doing both with different emotions, you just don’t realize it yet).
  • How and why emotional suppression is ruining your life—and how to uncork that bottle without exploding it.
  • The 3-step process of how emotions manifest and which ones you have the most control over (and which ones you don’t).
  • How to identify the powerful emotional triggers that make you do all the stupid shit you do when you’re acting like a real asshole. 
  • How to uproot all the emotions causing destructive cycles in your life. Fair warning: this will probably suck, but it’s worth it in the end. 
  • Healthy, productive ways to channel the most difficult emotions, like anger, anxiety, and guilt. 
  • Discover the importance of emotional triggers and how you can prevent yourself from losing control the next time something fucked up happens in your life. 

The course is broken up into five video lessons. You also get actionable exercises for each lesson and a really fucking pretty digital workbook that you can print off.

This isn’t some new age, hippy-dippy circle where I’ll make you do weird shit like pretend to have a conversation with a chair or scream at God or whatever. (Although you might still scream at God at some point.) 

I’m not interested in surface-level “tricks” and “hacks.” Fuck that. Life’s too short to half-ass this. 

We’ll be digging deep into your emotional shit to figure out why it stinks so much. 

But don’t worry, because then we’ll come up with a plan to help you piece yourself back together. You’ll learn strategies that will help you navigate this messy, emotional world for the rest of your life.

And that’s not all…

If you sign up for Emotional Mastery, you’ll get access to all of my premium content in The Subtle Art School.

The School is a deep dive into all my favorite topics I’ve written about in my books and on my blog for nearly 15 years. 

Here’s what you get with a single membership

A library of 6 new video courses — In addition to Emotional Mastery, you’ll also get access to the rest of my courses: 

Find Your Purpose

Finding your purpose in life can’t be done at a weekend seminar. It’s a lifelong process of asking and answering some difficult questions, taking action based on those answers, learning about yourself in the process… and then doing it all over again. This course will not only help you spend your time more intentionally, it will challenge your identity to the core.

Healthy Relationships

I’ve said before that the one thing all your doomed relationships have in common is… well, you. So if all your relationships follow the same failing pattern; or if you’re a “commitment phobe”; or if you rush into relationships too quickly only to get burned; or you feel like you have to put on a front to attract someone—this course will help you get to the root causes of all of that and more.


Becoming more resilient in the modern world isn’t about avoiding suffering. It’s about seeking out the pain you’re willing to endure in service of a higher purpose. In this course, we cover the different kinds of suffering and consider why some forms of pain are actually quite healthy for us. We’ll get to the bottom of why you’re avoiding the necessary pains in your life and, ultimately, how you can turn and face them as a more resilient motherfucker.

Challenge Your Own Beliefs

This is my favorite course. And buckle the hell up for it, because we’re going to be digging up some of your deepest held beliefs and questioning everything we find. You will laugh at yourself. You might cry at what you actually believe. But you will come out of it a better person.

Build a Better Life

This is the most actionable “nuts and bolts” course I offer. In it, we’ll come up with a step-by-step plan to get off your ass and get your life pointed in a more fulfilling, productive direction. It’s a great complement to any or all of the courses above.

Oh, And Here’s Even More

On top of all the courses, you’ll also get:

Quarterly live webinars

Log on every quarter to ask me questions or just come hang out with other members. You’ll join people from all over the world who are also learning to give fewer and fewer fucks every day.

Really pretty digital workbooks

Each course comes with a professionally designed PDF workbook. Print them out and tape them to your fridge. Print them out and give them to your therapist. Or just open them up on your computer or phone and stare in awe at how gorgeous they are. I don’t give a shit what you do with them, they’re yours. And they’re really fucking pretty and packed with exercises that’ll make your life better.

Exclusive content

Audio commentaries on my books, my old courses, ebooks that nerd out on some of my favorite topics, book reviews and recommendations, Ask Mark Anything videos, and more. New content is added on a regular basis.

What Our Students Say

“I’ve had social anxiety my whole life which has been exacerbated by quarantining. Mark breaks down out-of-control emotions into manageable pieces that can be worked on or accepted. The anxiety isn’t gone but the bit that is there feels manageable—I’m comfortable in my own skin. I’m no longer beating myself up about being an anxious weirdo. ”

“This is a great class, and as with everything Mark does, each pass you make through the material, you find it gets better and more applicable. Mark’s material is like a Coen Brothers movie. The first time you watch, you think, “Wow. Good movie.” By the 5th time you watch, you think, “Damn… this is the best movie ever!” ”

— Jim

“The exercises are great, breaking down the concepts. I particularly found the biography of the emotion very helpful. Mark’s personal examples are great too.”

— Laura

“I really appreciate the safety of confronting my baggage in my own time, and on my own terms.”

— Sarah

“Great course! I learned a few things about myself that I’d forgotten. An unfinished work that we all are.”

— Robert

“This was something I needed.”

— Roque

“I hadn’t appreciated that some of my emotions were likely to be triggered by my past and that it is possible to root them out and become more at ease with myself. Mark translates complicated psychological concepts into practical no-bullshit steps which anybody can put into practice.”

— Ella

You get all of that in a single membership to The Subtle Art School.

For just $6.67 per month (paid yearly).


Will I be able to participate in live Q&A sessions with Mark?

Yes. Quarterly live webinars will offer the chance to ask Mark questions. Of course, he won’t be able to answer everyone’s questions, but he’ll answer as many as he can in the time allotted—and talk about tacos.

What payment methods do you support?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover & Diners, Google Pay, Apple Pay, and Paypal.

Is all content in English language?

Yes. Videos for the courses have closed captions available in English as well.

How can I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel at any time by logging in and going to the Subscriptions tab of your Account page. Once you cancel, you will not be charged again but you will continue to have access to The School for the remainder of whatever period you’ve paid for up to that point.

Can I get a refund if I don’t think The Subtle Art School is right for me?

Yes. The Subtle Art School membership comes with a 60-day money back guarantee. Just send an email to support@markmanson.net within 60 days of purchase and we’ll cancel your membership and refund your money, no questions asked.

Ready to Master Your Emotions?