The First Webinar (Sneak Peek)

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About This Webinar

The first live webinar from The Subtle Art School took place on Feb 19, and I covered everything from values, friendships and self-help addiction, to psychedelics, dictatorship, and my experience writing with Will.

February 19 2022, 2 PM EST
2 hours 6 minutes

Questions Answered

  • If I’m not responsible for other people’s feelings, what stops me from being an asshole to them? [0:01:47]
  • How to get from “I’d like to add this new value” to “I’m willing to suffer for this”? [0:04:36]
  • Is it normal for passions to keep on changing? [0:06:23]
  • Key similarities and differences between your work and Atomic Habits? Any future collaboration with James Clear? [0:12:42]
  • Are most dictators cowards? [0:15:05]
  • The process of writing the book together with Will [0:18:36]
  • Favorite band [0:24:12]
  • What to do when you’ve accomplished all your goals? How to find a new problem? [0:25:27]
  • How to overcome imposter syndrome? [0:28:43]
  • Are AMAs gone for good? [0:32:51]
  • Update on Subtle Art Documentary [0:35:50]
  • Thoughts on David Goggins’ “mental toughness” [0:37:30]
  • What is a friend to you? And why it’s hard to make friends as an adult? [0:41:38]
  • It is hard to not give a f*ck about how things are getting more polarized? Thoughts on polarization, the media, history, and Covid-19 [0:48:30]
  • Thoughts on psychedelics [1:02:21]
  • Community for The Subtle Art School? [1:10:05]
  • Advice for someone starting to feel depressed [1:15:37]
  • Agreeableness and the asshole switch [1:19:25]
  • More on the business [1:27:45]
  • How tall are you? [1:31:48]
  • What spurred your shift from studying Buddhism to Existentialism? [1:32:13]
  • Do you still stand by your “Fuck yes or no” mantra? Isn’t there a lot of grey area? [1:36:21]
  • How to overcome self-help junkie syndrome? [1:38:49]
  • What podcasts do you listen to? [1:42:34]
  • Who is the author/poet/philosopher that influenced you the most overall? [1:44:58]
  • What are you doing in the NFT space? [1:46:53]
  • Do you have to dislike yourself to want to change? [1:48:45]
  • What is your fundamental struggle in life at this time? [1:51:29]
  • How to not rejoice in the misfortunes of others? (schadenfreude) [1:58:14]

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